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KeyCaptcha, antispam tool with captchas to assemble puzzles


KeyCaptcha is a free and quite innovative captcha system that differentiates itself from the competition by asking the user to solve a colorful and simple puzzle (no more than 6 tiles) instead of entering a long string of unreadable characters inside a blurred image or give the result of a mathematical operation. Obviously the ease increases as it is a fully interactive task, but security is still guaranteed due to the difficulty of skipping the captcha with external programs.

Its implementation is quite simple since it has compatibility and plugins for vBulletin, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, phpBB and dozens of other content management systems (CMS), in addition, the installation includes a wizard that will guide the process step by step. It is necessary to register in the service, through a form or with the credentials of Facebook and Google accounts, to have the private key that will allow its activation and the generation of follow-up reports.

The reports will be displayed in its main panel along with dozens of options for advanced KeyCaptcha management, even on multiple websites simultaneously. Regarding personalization, it is possible to define the language, size and themes of the images that will be shown in the puzzles, from which you can mark as many as you want: cars, education, design, cooking, science, politics, sports , Internet, computers and more.

In addition to its free version that by the way has optional referral links to get extra income, KeyCaptcha offers more advanced and personalized payment options, for example, a version in which the image of the puzzle will be a business logo or another own image, another version optimized for mobile phones and finally one with higher visual quality (Magnetic CAPTCHA).

Link: KeyCaptcha