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Key aspects of Social Media in the Mobile Web cycle

Key aspects of Social Media in the Mobile Web cycle

Nielsen (2) and comScore (1) have presented the conclusions of two new investigations carried out in relation to the rise and penetration of both Social Media and the mobile Web in our habits and customs and as these increasing trends, are modifying not only the strategic projections of companies, but also the way in which we perceive communication, training and the construction of new companies.

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The results of the investigations have been published by the Social Media Examiner and it is from them that we stop at the variables that give us answers about where our clients are and how to achieve a connection with their emotions?

Are our clients on Social Networks?

The numbers

90% of Internet users in the United States interact on social networks. According to comScore (1) 21.3% of the time is what users spend on social networks. According to Nielsen (2)

Both figures place us before the increase in the permanence of users in time and volume, on social networks. Which tells us about an increasing penetration. You have to be in the networks and be an active part of their dynamism!

Customers are online, they search for information and brands to link with. If we are thinking of implementing a digital marketing strategy, we cannot forget that the strategies designed to promote interaction between our brand and its customers; social networks, content on the website, email, newsletter, etc. they are considered as an inherent part of the added value.

The content, primarily responsible for emotions

According to the figures obtained by comScore (1), training through online content monitoring is a growing trend. Due to the earlier penetration of the childish public, the pedagogical aspect is latent in social action. It is only necessary to be passionate and have a talent, to use the free information that circulates through the network – to become experts and leaders in our market or industry.

Nielsen’s study (2) focuses on the multichannel and multitasking nature that is consolidated as a rising product of the penetration of tablets and smart phones.

More and more users are interacting with their networks or checking their email while watching a television program. The figures do not stop surprising!

44% surf the net 57% check their email 44% interact on their social networks

By platforms, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube lead the ranking of simultaneous interaction with the viewing of a television program. Information that should be used by television space producers, who can take advantage of the inertia of including the opinions of their followers in their creative processes, resulting in a more social, formative and committed television.

Build audience by incorporating the needs of others in our creative processes

Building a committed audience based on topics of interest is one of the most latent advantages provided by the penetration of social media in our habits and customs and is undoubtedly the most direct way to identify the emotions of customers, something that It is only possible through engagement.

The mobile Web and its slogans do not stay out, neither as a brand nor as a consumer!

Mobile devices have changed all the paradigms associated with local businesses, the current consumer has free access to information and the opinion (based on experience) of already linked customers, which is why brands today are built with the intervention inescapable of Engagement with our clients. It is they who ultimately decide if our brand is influential and if it is worth linking with it.

If we do not want to be left out of the multiple opportunities that Mobil marketing offers, we must not move away from the following slogans, which mainly seek to engage with the emotions of the client on the move and involve him in our creative processes.

Optimize your website for mobile. Keep in mind the inclusion of video and audio visual content, the consumer on the move needs to access information in 140 characters! Create content that is easy to read and understand, the more specific the message the better. Opt for advice, recommendations and operating manuals in which the slogans are brief, direct and clear and accompanied by videos, presentations, infographics, that favor memory from the moment of concretion.

These are the keys to take advantage of the multiple opportunities that derive from the massive, transversal and unlimited connectivity that the new mobile devices and the new Web allow us; ubiquitous, multiplatform and multichannel, where the interaction is always from the information and it is freely accessible.

I leave you with the results of the investigations carried out by Nielsen (2) and comScore (1) and I recommend you read their conclusions, the keys to new and efficient marketing strategies designed to impact and transform our clients’ emotions. In active elements of our creative teams, they are there as information, available to everyone. It is what guarantees unlimited opportunities!

(1) comScores: 2012 U.S. Digital Future in Focus

(2) Nielsen: State of the Media: U.S. Digital Consumption Report, Q3-Q4 2011