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KakaoStory, share short videos on Android and iOS


We know that Vine was the pioneer in everything related to recording and publishing short videos from a smartphone, but we also know that since then several services have also added this functionality, such as Instagram. Increasing Vine’s competitor list comes KakaoStory, a product of Kakao Corp. (creator of the KakaoTalk messaging service).

And indeed KakaoStory now adds in its versions for iOS and Android the possibility of sharing short video clips of 15 seconds maximum within the social network itself. With the KakaoStory app we can record directly through an icon displayed in the upper right menu, and once we start recording we can alternate between the front and rear camera of the device to change the shot at the moment.

Once finished recording the video, which can be recorded in succession or in fragments, the application will prepare the video to be published and allow us to see a preview first, with options to record a new one or share it directly with the contacts on the Kakao network. By sharing it we can also decide if we want the recording to be public or only visible to friends, in the same way that we can view the videos of our friends on our timeline.

We leave you here the links to iTunes for iOS and GooglePlay for Android, the app is free in case you want to check it out.