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Kaizena, to put comments with voice in the texts of Google Drive


Although it supports text commenting, the strong point of Kaizena ( is giving feedback on Google Drive using the voice in the documents.

They comment on Freetechforteachers which was previously called 121 Writing, a tool that accesses our documents to create notes by voice, with an academic objective, since it is presented as an ideal solution for students and teachers.

We just have to select the paragraph where we want to embed the voice comment and press the record button so that we can record our observation. We can also create mini-lessons that will be available under a single link, so that when several students have questions about the same topic, we can always send them to a single link, thus avoiding constant repetition with the same comments.

At the moment they are only integrated with Google Drive. In case you do not have an account on said platform, request your email to notify you of any possible new version that this collaboration tool does not need. There is also no plan to expand to other online office applications, so there is no way to test it without an available Google account.

They also disclose the video that we leave you here, where the operation of the system is shown:

Note: Sometimes an error is displayed when connecting to Google Drive, although it seems to be a temporary problem.