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Kahoot !, gamifying academic content


The educational system is gradually taking on another color since we have so many multimedia tools to complement the way we learn in class and since we have access to so many online courses that offer us free knowledge about our areas of interest.

Adding to the catalog of tools to turn education into a new experience, we have Kahoot !, a way to gamify the academic content and encourage the participation of students with which you can create different questionnaires and contests with which to earn points by answering questions about the content taught in class.

The operation will be very simple and based on a multiplatform use of the tool: all the questionnaires, interviews and debates generated in class can be synchronized on the student’s device, be it a PC, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android, Chromebook, Windows Phone, etc. The questions and content will be synchronized in real time while the students are in class, generating a much more participative attitude, more predisposed to learn and internalize the content and, of course, creating a much more fun environment than what we see in learning through passive participation.

In addition to being able to create our own content, Kahoot! it is still a collection of quizzes and mini-games that we can use freely, with the possibility of marking and sharing our favorite content in a social way. What should be noted is that the content is in English, but if you want to try it, click on this link.