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“Just a Reflektor”, new Chrome experiment with interactive video clip


Since the Chrome browser was born in 2008, we have been able to enjoy seeing and testing its various Chrome Experiments, which have offered us from turning any website into a 3D maze to the possibility of playing a game with cubes with another opponent facing cara goes webcam.

The fact is that Google Experiments continues to offer us new experiences and this time it surprises us with Just A Reflektor, a video clip created to be played with Chrome Mobile. The video clip reproduces a song from the Arcade Fire group and allows us to perform virtual projections on it by making movements with the mobile device in front of the computer screen (the PC will detect us with the webcam to be able to perform the projections).

To interact with the video clip you can do it both from the tablet or mobile and from the PC. Although the idea is designed to make it go mobile, in case we want to test the experience on our computer, we can do it using the mouse. If we decide to enjoy it to the fullest with the mobile device, we will only have to go to the JustAReflektor website, get the code that they give us there and enter it in the device to be able to play the video and interact with it as we want.

We are also given the option to explore the effects that appear in it and adjust its visual characteristics in an editor that will allow us to create our own effects, since the code of the page and the video clip is opensource.