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Juntalia, crowdfunding platform in the Canary Islands for artists, creators and entrepreneurs


Hctor Muoz is the founder and COO of Projeggt, company responsible for Juntalia (, a new crowdfunding platform that was born in the Canary Islands to help local artists, creators and entrepreneurs.

I have always had this concern for having a platform that works the local concept and I have seen in my land, the Canary Islands, an ideal ecosystem to demonstrate that this is possible. The entire Projeggt team (Valent and Alberto) have been infected by this enthusiasm and we have decided that Projeggt should be the one to contribute the technology to make the project possible.

It is a non-profit entity that is committed to collective cooperation (crowdfunding and crowdsourcing), concentrating on Canarian projects. In a very short time they have achieved 6 campaigns successfully completed, a really good number considering that the official launch of the platform has not yet taken place (to be on December 2).

The objective is not only to help entrepreneurs and artists of the island, they also want to facilitate the entry of this type of professionals to the Canary Islands, so that they see there a market opportunity. On the other hand, they will work to make international the projects that are born there, something very necessary to find a stable business model.

Crowfunding platforms we know many, but focused on a specific region is not so common. It is a good idea to bet on this type of project, since whoever contributes the money is investing in improving their environment, so the results obtained can be easily verified.