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JoGuru plans itineraries for your trips depending on the sites you want to visit


When planning a trip, you have to select the places you want to visit and the route to take that allows you to see these places in an organized way. For this, users often carry out searches on the web to obtain references as well as request opinions and suggestions on social platforms such as forums and social networks, in order to complete the planning of the itineraries, investing a large amount of time in it.

JoGuru ( tries to solve this problem simply by letting users indicate the places they want to visit on their trips, and based on this, its algorithm will be in charge of mapping out the best possible itinerary to follow, taking into account the openness and closure of places as well as the distances between them, among other factors. This allows users to save time, avoiding queries on websites to carry out such planning.

The CEO and co-founder, Praveen Kumar, has spoken with TNW, where he indicates that his tool is useful for planning trips, where hotels are also taken into account, so that users will not only be able to add them but also carry out the book directly, which reports to the platform itself income ranging from 5% to 15% of their cost, which is their main source of income, although the idea is to take reservations to flights, rentals of automobiles, and other experiences, in a way that allows users to comprehensively plan what they need on their trips within it.

It acknowledges the existence of strong competitors, such as Tripomatic and Plnrr, but recognizes two JoGuru strengths, firstly, by allowing users to select what they want to visit, and secondly, by the simple user interface.

JoGuru has a list of content from 960 cities from more than 150 countries, in the format of city and attraction pages, although when planning trips, it is finally available for 70 cities. The idea is to be able to cover the 960 cities next year. The itinerary planning functionality has been available since last August.

So if you are going out on vacation or at any other time, JoGuru can be your salvation when establishing the routes to follow.