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Jimdo’s app to create and edit web pages, now available on iOS


We have mentioned Jimdo several times, a web platform focused on the easy and simple, and at the same time complete, creation of websites for desktop and also optimized for mobile phones. It has also been a few days since we informed you of the imminent exit of the iOS app, with the aim of being able to create and edit websites from these devices.

Well, we already have the expected app available and after taking a look at it we can say that it is as good a tool as the website. With the Jimdo app we can create web pages after registration, choose templates in which to edit content (change titles, text and elements) later from PC or mobile, and access our website already created with our Jimdo account. With this app we can also choose the name of our Jimdo page that will be displayed as a free domain.

To add images, we can include them from the device gallery at any time by changing their position, putting subtitles and creating links wherever we want. Navigation from the device is also editable, which implies that we can edit subpages, hide them or delete them from the Jimdo application.

As a useful addition, Jimdo is not only a tool for creating and editing websites, but also allows us to access analytics and visits to our site as long as we have a JimdoPro or JimdoBusiness account. You can download Jimdo’s iOS app for free from iTunes, compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.