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Jajah announces its closure on January 31, 2014


Today Sunday, the voice over IP (VoIP) service provider Jajah announces the closure of its services by January 31 of next year, which means that after the date, users will no longer be able to use Jajah’s services .com and Jajah Direct. From this very moment, the registration of new users has stopped being accepted. Current users will still be able to continue making their calls until the date the service ceases, although they may request reimbursement of the available balance in their accounts before the end of the service, and must submit their requests through the support page.

Users should take into account that the applications submitted will be processed, their accounts being closed within 30 days from such presentations. For more information, you can find it in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section available to you.

As TNW indicates, Jajah was founded by Roman Scharf and Daniel Mattes in 2005, although in the month of December 2009, Telefnica announced the purchase of it by its subsidiary Telefnica Europe. Now that the fourth anniversary of its acquisition is complete, the service will close its doors. Perhaps some of us can remember the beginnings of Jajah, who started offering their desktop applications, although later they chose to go to the web to offer their services without users having to install applications.

The Jajah closure announcement is accompanied by a related FCC note, clearly stating that they normally authorize the proposed closure of the service except in cases where customers are unable to receive reasonable substitute services or services offered. other companies, or that public convenience and need may be negatively affected, urging clients who do not agree with the closure to submit their comments as soon as possible indicating the impact that the closure would have on them or their companies, including the inability to find reasonable substitutes.

As it is all said, Jajah ends his way on January 31, 2014, unless users demonstrate against the closure for the damage that may cause them, where the last word will be the FCC, who adds that the comments cannot be file 15 days after publication of the notice of the proposed suspension.