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It's official: WhatsApp video calls reach everyone

It's official: WhatsApp video calls reach everyone

It's official: WhatsApp video calls reach everyone

Hundreds of millions of users will be able to use the WhatsApp video calls.

On the day WhatsApp has officially announced the new function in which they have been working for a long time, video calls, we had to wait until the end of 2016 to see the video calls on WhatsApp, although it was a natural step that the messenger application should take sooner or later.

In recent weeks we have seen how video calls landed in the beta versions of WhatsApp for Android and a few hours ago iOS users received an update that also enabled them on the iPhone. The announcement should not take long and it has been: WhatsApp video calls they are already here.

WhatsApp video calls for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

WhatsApp comments that its main objective is that more and more people can communicate, so they bet on a simple and accessible product. The update that enables video calls on WhatsApp will reach more than billion usersthat they will be able to communicate in this way among themselves, already using Android, iPhone or Windows Phone phones.

The technique could not be simpler: open WhatsApp, select a contact, press the call icon (the phone) at the top and the voice or video call options will appear. Ready.

As we mentioned a few days ago, the messaging app that I bought Facebook there for 2014 has put the batteriesLately. We have seen the arrival of the web client to use it on the computer, the security enhancements integrating end-to-end encryption and what’s new when sharing photos and documents.