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Is it useful to have a pendrive for the mobile?

Is it useful to have a pendrive for the mobile?

Is it useful to have a pendrive for the mobile?

External storage is classic on computers, but it’s handy to have for smartphones, it is useful to have a pendrive for the mobile?

We are already more than used to having a good capacity in our mobile phone, and some smartphones are still betting on letting us expand memory through microSD cards. The problem is that, on a few occasions, we find that the memory of our smartphone falls short, and we cannot extend it with traditional methods.

A recent fad that is expanding is pendrive for mobile: an external storage that has a standard USB on one side, and on the other a microUSB (Android) or a Lightning (iOS). Come on, it’s like buying a flash drive to store things, but we can use it directly on a mobile, getting rid of the computer.

SanDisk has given us a 32GB iXpand Flash Drive, a pendrive that has a USB connector and a Lightning connector, for an analysis; Is it practical to have a pendrive for the mobile, or is it a nuisance that can only be solved with a mobile phone of greater capacity?

How does a USB flash drive work?

A pendrive for the mobile works in exactly the same way as a conventional pendrive: it has a connector that works in our mobile device, and we can connect it to access external storage. As if we connect a pendrive in the computer, but with the mobile that we carry in our pockets: the mobile phone has become a miniature computer with the rise of smartphones, right?

On the other hand, and when connecting the pendrive to a computer with the standard side, works like any other external storage that we connect. We do not need more than the operating system of our computer to make it work, we do not need any specific program or driver to work, it is like any usual pendrive that we can buy.

How does the iPhone work with the pendrive?

Operating systems like Android have OTG, which allows us to treat external memories from the system as if it were just another memory, but Apple does not leave it so simple; Introducing a flash drive in that closed operating system is not as easy as in the competition. SanDisk, in this case, has solved it with an application -free and available in the App Store- which is in charge of communicating and accessing the pendrive.

It is important to note that the only application that can access the pendrive is SanDisk, the flash drive alone cannot do anything on the phone; that’s why the first time we connect it leads us to download the application to the App Store, and every time we connect it, a notification asks us for explicit permission to open the application.

The aforementioned SanDisk application has three sections that summarize the functions of this pendrive:

  • Copy files from the phone to the memory of the flash drive, and copy files from the flash drive to the memory of our mobile phone. That yes, the second function has a trick: only the photos can be integrated with the iPhone reel, the rest of the files are only accessible through the application when the USB stick is not connected.
  • View files inside the pendrive when connected; a file explorer that allows us to navigate the pendrive as if we were on a computer, having its own player for tasks such as listening to music. It also serves to explore the files saved on our iPhone, since it does not have a native browser.
  • A Backup and Restore feature that:
    • Copy all the photos from the reel, and restore them if necessary.
    • Make a backup of our photos on Facebook, Instagram and Picasa.
    • Copy our contact list and restore it.

Is it worth to carry a flash drive with the smartphone?

Nobody is going to question the benefits of having a flash drive at hand: being able to have a copy of the data in our hands, carrying data with us without having to resort to the cloud, something that we are already used to, But is it worth having a pendrive that can be connected to our mobile?

If we are going to use it solely and exclusively for that, and however small it may be, maybe it’s not such a good idea to carry a pen drive all day and you need a cell phone with more capacity. Also, the idea of ​​having divided space is not very attractive when this space could be unified.

However, for sharing files between devices, backing up from time to time or not depending on the cloud, it is an accessory that can be very useful. In other words, it is not an accessory for everyone to have the benefits of the cloud, but it is a solution for problems that may have a good sector of users.