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Is it really necessary to cover the webcam with tape?

Is it really necessary to cover the webcam with tape?

Is it really necessary to cover the webcam with tape?

It is one of the most widespread security tips but is it really necessary to cover the webcam on your computer? And what about the mobile?

There are people who do it with a post-it, people who do it with a sticker and even small accessories have come to Kickstarter to fulfill this function aesthetically. We talk about covering the webcam. While some people cover the camera of their computers, others they think it’s just a myth and that is not really necessary.

Who is right? The quick answer is that those who cover the webcam are taking much-needed precautions if you care the least about your security and privacy.

How do other people access my webcam?

For many years now it has been known that if someone has an interest in accessing other people’s webcams, they can do it relatively easily. A Trojan presenting itself as a program to help you can take control of your webcam without your knowing and send everything recorded to the creator of the program.

This is not a new discovery at all. It has been known for many years, but there are still many people who do not follow this advice, either because of laziness or because they believe that it will not be fair to them.

The market for access to webcams

According to a BBC report 3 years ago, hackers who gain access to webcams, later sell that access, at prices that depend very much on the sex of the owner of the camera. Access to a woman’s webcam sells for $ 1, according to that report, while accessing a man’s webcam costs a penny.

You can sell access to almost anyone’s webcam, but the most vulnerable victims are adolescentsBecause they generally take less precautions and their images are much more valued.

The FBI finally warns that the webcam must be covered

Although the Internet is something that has been discussed for a long time and people concerned about cyber security have talked about this for a long time, the security authorities have taken longer to speak out.

In December 2015, the National Police published a tweet recommending covering the webcam:

Now also the director of the FBI has declared that it is important to cover the webcam as a measure of responsibility for your own privacy and security. He has also said that in any government office, everyone has something covering the camera on the screen.

Should I also cover the cell phone camera?

Although covering the webcam on the computer is a relatively widespread practice, covering the cameras of the mobile phone is a real rarity. While it is true that it is easier to access the computer camera, and that the mobile phone spends a lot of time in the pocket and therefore your camera keeps less sensitive information, I do know that there is the possibility of accessing it.

Covering the camera of the mobile phone, at least the front one, is not at all an exaggerated or paranoid measure. Everybody security experts recommend covering it up, although it may be uncomfortable (usually, mobile cameras are used much more than computer cameras).

And you don’t cover your webcam? Do you think the need to cover it was a myth, or were you aware of the real risks involved in not covering it?