IPhone can now display ads in notifications

Apple will now allow push notifications to be used for advertising, so developers will now have one more channel to show their new products to existing users.

It is a change to the guidelines of the app store, although for advertising to appear in notifications, users will have to accept it first.

The restrictions on iPhone push notifications are well known, as Apple has long prohibited apps from using notifications for advertising, promotions, or direct marketing purposes. Now the user will be asked, and if customers have explicitly chosen to receive them, they will be able to read promotional messages.

The previously defined norms were not without controversy, since it is not always easy to distinguish between what is information and what is advertising. On many occasions Apple allows the channel to some and prevents it from others, which made these movements criticized as another example of Apple having a special deal with certain developers (or with their own apps).

The Verge shows a few questions that make this controversy clear: Can a retailer use automatic notification to report a sale if their app has already been installed? Can Amazon encourage customers to buy a new phone through its app? Can the developer of a game announce a new project more current and modern than the current one?

Some of these notifications can be useful, and it is best to open the door for all those who wish to have it open.