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iOS 11 will not have 32-bit support, and your favorite app may be affected

iOS 11 will not have 32-bit support, and your favorite app may be affected

iOS 11 will not have 32-bit support, and your favorite app may be affected

Apple will remove support for 32-bit apps in iOS 11, and that may leave some developers behind who haven’t done their job yet.

According to developer Steven Troughton-Smith, the next version of iOS completely lose 32-bit app support.

Apple removes support for 32-bit apps on iOS

The next range of Apple A processors won’t even allow 32-bit code to run.

This is not a surprising decision, considering that Apple has been advancing it for some time; In iOS 10.3, I included a warning that 32-bit apps may not work in the future.

Even a foreseeable change, suppose some complications; But before understanding why, it is necessary to understand what we are saying when we speak of bits.

What does it mean that a system is 64 or 32 bits

The immense Most current processors are 64-bit; That means you can use registers, data buses, and instructions of 64-bit size. Before these, 32-bit processors were the ones that dominated the market.

Simply put, a 64-bit processor can handle more data at the same time, and therefore can be more powerful. However, this migration is not easy.

64-bit processors need 64-bit compiled software to harness their potential. Fortunately, most current 64-bit processors They can also run 32-bit software; in this way, compatibility is assured.

In the case of iOS, the Apple A7 mounted on the iPhone 5S and iPad Air in 2013 was the company’s first 64-bit processor. Since then, iOS has a 64-bit version; although the important thing is thatall this is done without the need for the user to know or notice anything.

Apple fully migrate to 64-bit, and that may affect you

Four years have passed since then, and the market has changed a lot. All new devices and systems released by Apple are 64-bit, and the migration is nearing completion.

That iOS 11 is only 64-bit compatible will be a good thing; the system will be lighter (not need the code to run 32-bit apps) and more secure.


But it will also have its consequences. According to the latest studies, 8% of apps in the App Store are only 32-bit; these apps will stop working with iOS 11.

In numbers, it is calculated that some 190,000 apps will be affected for the change. It is unclear whether Apple will delete them from the App Store as they are considered abandoned, although in the past the company has had no qualms about doing so.

Therefore, it does not extract you if your favorite app or game stops working when you update to iOS 11.