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iOS 10 is leaving many devices unusable

iOS 10 is leaving many devices unusable

iOS 10 is leaving many devices unusable

The launch of iOS 10 is on the way to being one of the worst in the history of Apple, and we only took two hours, due to an error when updating to iOS 10.

After months of waiting, today the launch of iOS 10 has taken place, nothing revolutionary but with a good amount of news as was expected from the apple company.

Today, at 19:00 Spanish peninsular time, the compatible iPhones and iPads have started receiving the update via OTA; However, everything indicates that someone has not pressed the button that should.

What is the error when updating to iOS 10

And it is that the consensus at the moment is that iOS 10 can leave our device unusable, in other words, it can bricke our iPhone. It is not clear why it occurs, but it is an error that occurs especially if we have updated by OTA.

The symptoms are clear, once the update is finished and the device restarts, we do not find the familiar iOS home screen, but the message that we have to connect the device to our Mac or PC through iTunes.

The good news is that it seems that it can be fixed simply by doing what the screen tells us: connect the device to iTunes and restore the device, do not update it.

When finished, we will have iOS 10 installed; that s, the bad thing is that we will lose everything that has been saved on our device, all our files, photos and installed applications.

It is for these things that we always recommend making a backup of the device before doing anything important like updating the system, no matter what system we are talking about; For many hundreds of programmers who are working on a code, there will always be a bug that gets in, and it can be destructive as in this case.

Apple has not made an official statement at this time, but Apple Support’s Twitter account is recommending that users update via iTunes and not OTA.