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Internet Monitor 2013 – 100 pages talking about the current Internet

internet monitor

He Berkman Center for Internet & Society, from Harvard University, has published a document compiling various articles written by professionals from all over the world analyzing the evolution of the web in recent years.

Available at, it is material intended for the general public, a text that invites reflection and discussion of the most notable events and trends of recent years in the digital network environment.

Our goal is not to describe the state of the Internet and to highlight and discuss some of the most fascinating developments and debates related to the subject.

Security is one of the most discussed topics in this document, an inheritance of the consequences of the work published by Snowden during 2013, a year that changed the definition of the word privacy on the Internet.

The report reflects the diversity of ideas and contributions of various people from all over the world, with completely different cultures, with objective data and personal opinions.

You can download the PDF at the link previously disclosed, as well as access an online version of it at