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Internet Explorer 11 comes to Windows 7


Many users are still after Windows 7, our computers being within almost half of the world’s desktop computers running said operating system, according to Net Applications. But just because we are in Windows 7 does not mean that we cannot access the technological innovations incorporated in Internet Explorer 11, where users of versions Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 already enjoy it. That is why, as of today, Windows 7 users of 95 countries in the world can now download and install, as long as we have installed the service pack 1, the definitive version of this web browser that, in Microsoft’s words, loads 9% faster than Internet Explorer 10 and up to 30% faster than competing browsers, thanks above all to the better performance of its JavaScript engine.

This is possible, according to Roger Capriotti, senior director of marketing for Internet Explorer, to Mashable, because the team of engineers has been working to make all later versions of Internet Explorer faster than its predecessors, even resorting to acceleration by hardware.

But it’s not all about performance, as the issue of security is another important issue for Microsoft, so quoting the NSS Labs statistics, Internet Explorer 11 has the most effective security tools, indicating in a recent study that it blocks 92% of malware and phishing attacks, closely followed by Google Chrome with 71%. The support of WebGL, the drag & drop in HTML5 or the position of the devices are other features of this new version.

We can download Internet Explorer 11 from this same link, and users of the previous version of it will receive an automatic update in the coming weeks. So we can already see if this new version really offers us everything it promises us, starting with this same page created by Microsoft.