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Internet Archive fire destroys $ 600,000 of material


There have been few times that we have told you about the Internet Archive, a service that was born in 1996 and whose ultimate goal was and continues to be to build a collection of digital information and Internet material available to everyone. The last time we talked about it, it was commenting that the archive offered us a huge collection of obsolete software and Atari games for anyone who wanted to emulate them on their current PCs.

But not everything is always good news, and unfortunately we read in TheVerge that a fire in the offices and warehouses of the Internet Archive has destroyed approximately 600,000 dollars of equipment, scanning equipment and digital material. No one was injured as a result of the accident, but the material damage has been enormous and material that has not yet been digitized and that will no longer be part of the Internet Archive will be destroyed in the future.

Of the destroyed materials, half had already been digitized (and backed up elsewhere), and so the other half has been lost. The Internet Archive is currently working with various bookstores, libraries, and organizations to investigate what can and cannot be recovered.

With the intention of reducing the damage caused by the accident, the Internet Archive asks us for donations and help to scan new materials. We leave you the link for those who want to make your donations, which can be done from here.