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Interesante and Kiip partner to offer real prizes for virtual activities


From the team of Interesting ( tell us about the news of its application, a content recommendation platform that analyzes the culture, location and interests of each user and shows results in a system that allows displaying creations, products, ventures and events.

Interesante and Kiip have partnered to distribute rewards to users if they meet certain goals and achievements, a partnership that results in the latest version of their iPhone app.

After registering we can choose between several categories. The system processes the selected information and shows the user recommendations in real time according to their tastes. We can collect these interests and upload our images, turning them into interests that can be recommended to other people.

Interests are images or videos with specific characteristics. They don’t just represent a product, a craft, a recipe, or a travel spot; they also have the precise function of geolocation. Each interest is related to a specific site or place in the world, which makes it easier to find, not only within Interesting, but also by potential clients or consumers through search engines.

The rewards now available include discounts on purchases and free app downloads. They work with brands like Disney, PepsiCo, Amazon and Sony Music, so they promise good content in their offer section. Prizes are awarded for inviting friends, uploading content or distributing on social media.