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Install your own WordPress in Google Cloud


If you are looking for a good hosting for your next WordPress, consider using Google Cloud, since it is possible to install WordPress in the Google infrastructure, as they have commented today on

After creating an account at, we just have to access the console and select the option Create project:

In the form that opens, we will have to inform the project data: name, form of payment … when finished, it will be necessary to accept the terms of use and click on Create. Then we go to API Manager> Library, and under the Google Cloud APIs option, click on the Cloud Deployment Manager API and Enable:

Now we go to the WordPress installation, and for this we go to Cloud Launcher, WordPress is within the Blog / CMS section:

Press Launch on Compute Engine:

And we complete the data, taking care to leave the Install phpMyAdmin option activated (necessary to manage the internal part).

We must also activate Google Cloud Monitoring (to receive reports) and allow HTTP traffic and HTTPS traffic, option under Firewall.

Now we install WordPress by clicking on Deploy:

At the end of the installation we will be in the development panel, being necessary to inform the administration data that we want to use later. From there it will be possible to access our new WordPress site:

It is a sustainable infrastructure, a secure, global, high-performance, profitable and constantly improving cloud, with powerful analysis and data tools that offer virtual machines with proven price and performance advantages, so it's worth trying.