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Instagram wants to compete with Snapchat

snapchat e instagram

It doesn’t take a lot of attention to the app market to have heard of fever Snapchat, an application that we discussed in detail a few days ago and that boasts of sharing more photos than Facebook itself, although that data is difficult to demonstrate in a tool in which the shared material disappears without a trace within a few seconds of being viewed.

What is clear is that many people are using Snapchat to communicate privately, living that false illusion of privacy fueled by messages like this image will self-destruct within x secondsThinking that no one will ever be able to track his movements or distribute what he sent at any time.

Chasing that feeling we have the giants, Instagram, for example, one of the products that Facebook bought and that continues to be among the most used among iPhone and Android users (with a version for Windows Phone a few days ago).

The rumor (the news has not yet been confirmed) comes from this article by Gigaom, where they comment that they have been informed by an internal source that Instagram will launch, before the end of the year, a version that allows content to be shared privately, competing with that way with a platform that they could not buy even for 3 billion dollars.

It will be a great step, without a doubt, although it moves away from the original goal of Instagram, where people and companies share works of art from the world of mobile photography. If this rumor becomes reality, the Instagram database will fill with content that, public or not, will surely not have the quality to which we were accustomed.