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Instagram, the social power and the best phrases of Clay Shirky in the TED

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Yesterday Facebook bought Instagram and many media have begun to spread alternatives for those who did not receive the news with much optimism, as if any application of filters could be compared to a social network used by so many millions of people.

Most Instagram users are not for their filters, that can be done from dozens of different applications, they are for the community within, for their friends, for their followers, for their followers … for the same reason that it is Difficult to find alternative for Facebook.

If it were for the filters, there would not be 5 million new Android users on Instagram, they would have stayed with Picplz and company. Instagram is much more than pretty filters.

The fact is that the subject has reminded me of Clay Shirky’s talk at TED, a talk that I leave you here and from which I have selected some unforgettable phrases (you can see the full text here).

Although it’s about how the Internet has changed the way we communicate, the shadow of social power is found throughout the conference. An application is not good just for its technology, its design or the device used, it is good for its user community.

– It does not matter the technological capital and the social capital. These technological tools do not become socially interesting until they become technologically boring. We are experiencing the greatest increase in expressive capacity in human history. The medium that was good at creating conversations was not good at creating groups. And the one who was good at creating groups was not good at creating conversations. And this is what changed, the Internet is the first medium in history that has innate support for groups and conversations at the same time. – The passive user in traditional media also becomes active on the Internet. It is as if you bought a book and they also gave you the printing press. It’s like you have a phone that can be turned into a radio by pressing the right button. – The media is global, social, ubiquitous and cheap.