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Instagram tests live videos from your application

Instagram tests live videos from your application

Instagram tests live videos from your application

Remember when on Instagram you could only upload photos and apply cool filters? The next thing seems to be to get on the car of the broadcast of Live video on Instagram.

Videos have been uploaded to Instagram for a long time, currently the limit is 60 seconds, but a few months ago I arrived Instagram stories, a direct attack on Snapchat that has gone very well.

The Instagram stories came to fill an important need of many users: share moments without having to warm their heads or dirtying our careful wall of publications. After all it is ephemeral content, disappears after 24 hours. Now everything indicates that Facebook, after its commitment to live video on the social network, will do the same on Instagram.

Live videos on Instagram


Right now, if we want to share what we are doing at the moment on Instagram, we must do it for 10-second Stories. If you want broadcast something without cuts you have to resort to other platforms, such as Periscope or Facebook Live (remember that Meerkat is dead).

A Russian media outlet has posted what appears to be Instagram’s next step:live video broadcasts from the same application, either from our contacts or from the Explore tab. These streamings will be mixed with the Stories’ circle interface and will be differentiated with a short text from LIVE.


New formats and ways to discover new u

As we see in The Verge, they have also shown how to be the interface to start the live shows, which would be called Insta. On that same screen we see a button to program live videos. At the moment there are no statements from Instagram, the only thing that is known is that the user who discovered this was using the version Beta of the Android application.

In any case, it will not be so rare to see live videos on Instagram in the near future, especially if we take into account that this opens new ways to continue monetizing the enormous activity that the network has. It will be one new promotion from thousands of companies and programs through the content browsing tab.