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Instagram shows us what your sponsored photos look like


We already told you that Instagram was thinking of showing advertising on its service (in the form of sponsored photos), something that may seem strange, since, being owned by Facebook, you could find a more integrated way with the social network to earn money.

The fact is that they have already published a text with an example of how these images will look, photos that will have a Sponsored mark in the upper right, as we show in the screenshot below:

At the moment they will start showing this type of content in the United States during the next week, with no plans to leave the country (you still have to look for customers).

As you can see, it is easy to determine if a photo or video is sponsored or not, the brand is not discreet, it is highly visible, and you can click to learn more about the ads on that network (something that we can also know by accessing about-ads).

They say they want creative and engaging ads, so they’re starting with just a few brands already on Instagram. It will be interesting to see the noise that will be generated in social networks when the first ads start to appear there.

Any bet on what will be the first brand?