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Instagram launches private message system: Instagram Direct

instagram direct

And if a few hours ago we saw how Twitter was betting on images in private messages, now we see how Instagram launches its product for sending videos and photos privately.

They announce it on their blog with the name Instagram direct, all a threat to the reign of Snapchat in the matter of sharing images confidentially.

In the presentation video (below) we see how the 150 million Instagram users can share this type of content:

When you open Instagram, you will now see a new icon in the upper right corner. Open the inbox where you can find photos and videos that people have sent. To send a photo or video to specific people, press the camera button and see the option to share with your followers (followers) or to send to specific people (direct). To use direct send, tap the names of the people to whom you want to send your photo or video.

After submitting the content, we can find out who has seen the photo or video and comment in real time as the conversation unfolds.

We can download it today for iOS and Android, the Windows Phone version is still on the way.