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Instagram already has galleries and photo albums

Instagram already has galleries and photo albums

Instagram already has galleries and photo albums

No more having to upload one photo at a time; With the new gallery of Instagram photos you can upload many more.

As much as it has changed and evolved, Instagram has always been used in the same way; Take a photo or choose from the ones you have already taken, and share it with your followers. Everything singular, of course.

Instagram photo gallery allows you to upload 10 photos at the same time

Even when Instagram embraced the video like few others, only allow to upload one at a time. This is more important than it seems because it affects the way we use the app. Users have become used to scrolling to see a new photo at a time; They have never expected more, and the app is designed around this.

That changes today, with the arrival of the new Instagram photo gallery. Don’t be fooled by the name, as this is basically not a way to allow us to upload multiple photos to Instagram at the same time; neither more nor less.

From now on, when we go to create a new Instagram post we can choose up to ten photos or videos from our device; all ten will be shown in the same post and the user can see them together. We can know if it is an album by some points at the bottom that represent all the available photos.

This does not mean that the experience will be very different; we can edit each photo or video with the app tools, as always. In addition, we can order them as we want, before or after uploading them.

More photos in the same space, but with peculiarities

The only functionality that is really lost, so to speak, is the possibility to title our photos; all the photos that we upload in the same album will have the same title and the same location. Therefore, we will have to make sure to upload related photos that have been taken on the same site. The photos will also be displayed in the same format.

Apart from that, this seems to be the gallery of photos that many people expected from Instagram, for a while; It will not be a revolutionary novelty, but it will allow us to do more in the same space. Share more photos, more stories and more people see them; instead of having to select only the best ones so you don’t have to upload them one by one.

It remains to be seen how to really change the Instagram experience with this add-on. Probably not much, but it’s interesting to see that on Instagram they are not afraid to change a little.