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Instagram already has desktop app for Windows 10, but it's not what you expect

Instagram already has desktop app for Windows 10, but it's not what you expect

Instagram already has desktop app for Windows 10, but it's not what you expect

October 14, 2016: Instagram finally has desktop app for Windows 10. No, you will not be able to upload photos from your computer.

They have taken it easy, but finally Instagram has official application for Windows 10 in its desktop version (remember that the mobile app came months ago).

One might think, great, great news, I can now upload the edited photos from my computer without having to go through the smartphone, emm well not so fast.

What can you do with the Instagram app for Windows 10?

No, among the things you can do with this new application There is no uploading photos to Instagram from the computer. Well, actually yes, but there is a condition that your computer probably does not meet: have a touch screen and rear camera, or what is the same: you can only upload photos from tablets with Windows 10.

What you can do from any esverel computer posts wall from the people you follow, like and leave comments. You can also search and explore Instagram to find new users, interesting photos and videos.

Instagram direct, the private messaging system, is also available from the official app and you will receive notifications Windows 10 before any notice from Instagram (for example if you like your photos, they write comments and others). Exactly the same as what happens in the mobile application that we all know.

Stories integrated into the Instagram app for Windows 10

A very interesting point is that this application integrates the Stories, or Instagram Stories, the feature introduced a few months ago that directly competes with the Snapchat business and has had a huge reception among users of the Facebook photography app.

So, at the top you can see the circles with the Stories of everyone you follow, being able toreproduce and pass between them with total ease. The truth is that the Instagram website has improved a lot in recent months, but it does not include Stories (you have to pull tricks like the one below), so it is a good point for the official application.

Better late than never, we suppose. You can now download Instagram for Windows 10 from the Microsoft App Store, it’s free for PC and Tablet:

Instagram in Microsoft Store