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Instagram already allows you to send photos and videos privately from your computer

What to do when Instagram doesn't work

Instagram for Windows 10 finally catches up

Instagram for Windows 10 has been updated and now allows us to send photos and videos via direct message.

Instagram is an application that we must use from a mobile phone. From the web version it barely allows us to do things: it is practically designed to see thefeedIt is useless for nothing else. It does not allow us to upload multimedia or send a direct message. Yes, if we install the application for Windows 10 s that we can talk privately and see the stories. We keep forgetting to upload images and videos, because at the moment it is not possible.

But things may change soon for the W10 application, as they have started adding the possibility of send photos and videos by direct message. Unfortunately we cannot upload anything to thetimeline, which is very contradictory, because it is really important.

How to send a photo or video through Instagram

The new functionality it is very rudimentary, not to say pre-historical. And is that we can only send the photograph, without adding any filter. We can’t even crop the photo, so in the end the application will send what it sees fit. So far I have not been able to send a single photograph where I come out, since in those that I have sent, everything except my face has come out.


We can both send photos and videos directly from the camera and send photos that we already have on the computer. The drag and drop function that Windows brings does not work, so we will have to enter the conversation that we want to send the image and click on the image button. In case you can’t locate yourself, the direct messages button is located in the upper right corner. The button of the image, in the lower left corner of the chat in which we are.