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To connect with our audiences, to maintain contact with our customers, to obtain the necessary information for the improvement of our products, and for many more reasons, we make available to users the respective forms, electronic information collection systems that will provide the users themselves and then we will have to deal with creating workflows.

Well, we have already defined the function of, a new collaborative tool in private beta phase that allows us to build intelligent forms and create workflows to process the data we obtain. For this we have to create collections, and in them create the forms, in which we will add the information fields, their types, and we will define their options. Then we will create rules where we will apply different priorities as labels to the data collected in the different fields, and if necessary, we will create notifications according to these priorities, where we can make them send us from emails to tweets.

All that remains is to publish the forms, being able to be included on websites and even accessible through their own links, and wait for the participation of users to collect information in the different collections.

The collected information can be archived, exported to different formats such as CSV or even directly deleted. In addition, the use of this application is not difficult to use, just spend a few minutes doing tests to understand the operating philosophy, and thinking about its real applications in daily life.