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Innubu, to capture the opinion of our Facebook fans


Eduardo Huarte and David Burgos are responsible for Innubu (, a platform created to facilitate the analysis of the opinion of fans of a Facebook page, allowing to automatically segment the results.

The objective is that brands can create surveys and obtain the opinion of their followers, verifying in a control panel the information that is being obtained in real time. It is possible, from the same application, to offer gifts to encourage the participation of the surveys created, as well as adding elements of various types to make them as attractive as possible

The questions he intends to answer are the classic ones, those that appear in all meetings when we talk about followers, fans and communities on Facebook:

How to know which followers are those who buy and which are not? How to get the opinion of your customers about a new product concept in real time? How to analyze the preferences of the different market segments?

At Innubu we can create questions for specific segments, as you can see in the video below, focusing the survey on VIPS followers, although we can also make it public and send it to all fans. Since Facebook stores information about personal profiles, it is possible to obtain quite complete statistics of the results, allowing to obtain details of the preferences of customers who follow a specific brand. It is possible, for example, to get the level of income, educational level and type of work from the respondents, something that can help a lot to focus the content of future marketing campaigns.

The prizes offered work in points mode. As you respond you earn points that can be exchanged for physical gifts or discount coupons.

It started with a minimum investment of 12,000 euros, they already have 150 companies as clients and a rate that, in this first phase, is extremely attractive: Free.

We leave you with the video: