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Initiating Congress in Barcelona – 50 tickets for WWWhatsnew readers


The Initiating Congress, a meeting point where prestigious entrepreneurs share their experience and advice through a series of talks, conferences, panels and workshops, created a Crowdfunding campaign to provide the necessary resources for the viability of the congress. On November 18, the expiration of the campaign in Lnzanos, they reached 116% raised, meeting the objectives and allowing the event to be held on November 28, 2013, at the Hotel Alimara, c / Berruguete 126, Barcelona.

In the final program ( they will have 4 round tables:

– one about Gamification, with Oscar Garca Paella and Yannick Sanpredro. Moderated by Juan Antonio Pozuelos. – Another on Incubators: how to make an investor fall in love, with Pamela Muoza, Julin Vinu, and Oriol Juncosa, moderated by Pedro Olivares. – Another on Youtubers: how to get the most out of YouTube, with Vilma Nuez, Jordi Cor and Valent Sanjuan. Moderated by Jaume Lahoz.– And another about expert tricks to survive in the entrepreneurial adventure, with Carlos Blanco, Toni Mascar and Francesc Hinojosa. Moderated by Angel Maria Herrera.

As well as two workshops, one on Lean Startup, with Ane Hernando, and another envelope how to present your startup to a journalist … and not send you to hell, with Carlos Otto.

There will be a special about social entrepreneurship, and Isra Garca make a presentation on How to choose yourself.

Lastly, a Startup Party will be held with Jan Calvet. Live music, magic and other surprises.

You can use the code WWWHATSNEW, with which you will have access to 50 entries at