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InfoJobs Founder Launches MailTrack, Mobile Double-Check ✠“✔ Now for Email


Receiving a message from the messenger helps to determine if the message has reached its destination or not, something important in any type of communication that does not necessarily have to be in real time.

We’ve long seen some solutions created to receive email read receipts (usually based on the opening ID of a 1px wide by 1px tall image in the destination email), and now another solution comes handy by Nacho Gonzalez, an entrepreneur known mainly for the creation of Infojobs in 1998 and for founding Niumba (recently sold to TripAdvisor).

Is about MailTrack (, a system available at the moment for chrome and gmail that uses the same philosophy of messaging systems:

When you write a message, one tick confirms your delivery, while a second tick alerts you to reception. MailTrack’s proposal, well known to mobile messenger users, is that the same double-check be incorporated into Gmail.

The project has Daniel Gimenez (CTO / Founder, Jess Monlen (Co-Founder, David Toms (Founder of CyberClick) and Eduardo Manchn (Founder of Panoramio, sold to Google) as partners, a system that was born today officially with more than 3000 users using it in their browser. It is a 100% free application that, as they tell us, has focused mainly on respecting the privacy of the user, informing about who, when, from where and from what device our emails have been opened.

They are already working on mobile versions, for now you can install the extension from the Chrome store.