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Infogram prepares video infographics creation tool


At the beginning of February last year, 2012, we spoke to you for the first time about Infogram, a web tool specialized in the creation of infographics, which allows us to generate different types of charts based on the data we provide to the service, either by entering them manually or importing them from other sources. Over time, the service itself was improved, where even in April of this year they introduced the Pro version of it.

Well, Infogram has already announced the next step it is going to take on its platform, dealing with the launch of what it calls the first creator of video infographics in the world, where according to TNW reports, it will be launched in the first half of next year. year 2014.

Users will basically use an interface in which to incorporate different elements to which they can assign and configure different types of animations so that in a few minutes they can have their own videos available, and from what we can see in the example, the result is quite attractive , although for the moment we are left wanting to know more, where we may be interested in the export possibilities in video formats or if it is possible to include the videos made on websites.

It only remains that the launch does not take long and the company offers more information, in which surely more than one may already be thinking of different ideas to create their own presentations in video format using a reasonable time.