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Infinit, the fastest way to share files over the Internet

With version for Mac, without losing sight of Windows and Linux (promise version soon), Infinit ( is presented as the fastest solution for transmitting files between users, displaying graphics that compare speed with other similar services, such as Dropbox, Wetransfer, Google Drive, yousendit and other solutions.

Both for users who share the same local network and those connected via the Internet, it seems that It is capable of sharing large files at high speed just by dragging the material to the name of the user with whom we want. The application is installed in the upper bar and, when dragging the material, shows the users who can receive it, always having the information of who and when has received the content.

They present it in tuaw as one of the best applications in its category, with no size or file limits (for the moment), although the presentation of a Pro plan for really large files is expected.

It is increasingly necessary to have solutions like this, since there are already bet on P2P technology to transmit large amounts of content between two or more people, such as sync, sharefest or Pipe. In this case it seems that the transmission is not P2P, so there is a server that temporarily saves the files (at least until the recipient agrees to receive the content), something that can open several discussions related to the privacy of the information sent .