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Indicate chords and discover the songs that use them


Many music students start playing an instrument by discovering a limited series of chords, something very common when we talk about string instruments, and it is important to know famous songs that use them in order to practice with popularly known sounds.

What the website that we present to you now does is help precisely these types of students, since we only have to indicate one chord after another to show a list of famous songs that use them.

The operation of is very simple, it is only necessary to indicate the ball of the desired chord and then select the second, third, four … always keeping in mind that the available options will depend on the previous selections.

The list of songs that use that set of chords will be shown vertically, and by clicking on each one we will see the reproduction of the melody in the right panel, as shown in the image above.

It is also possible to see the most popular chords that follow the chosen string, based on the number of times they have been played by artists of different styles, thus helping to create new melodies that sound good.

Within the same website it is possible to browse many other functions related to music theory, so if you like the theme, save it from today in your favorites.