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In which countries is Netflix more expensive and cheaper?

Netflix dónde es más barato o caro

Although we think that the price of Netflix plans are almost the same in all countries, the truth is that we can find a fairly large gap between the available titles and the cost per month in each region.

To verify this worldwide, a company has been given the task of conducting a study to answer the question of which are the countries that pay more and less for the 3 plans on Netflix. Here is the complete list and the amount of series and movies you can enjoy.

First of all, the cheapest countries to acquire Netflix

In the study published days ago by Comparitech (in which we have to take our hats off with all the figures given), evidence is left that these are the 10 countries where it is cheapest to pay for a basic Netflix account:

– Brazil> $ 3.99– South Africa> $ 5.76– Mexico> $ 6.30– India> $ 6.67– Australia> $ 7.22– Japan> $ 7.57– Canada> $ 7.59– Philippines> $ 7.59– United Kingdom> $ 7.90– New Zealand> $ 7.92

Of course, before moving on to the next list, it is important to make it clear that each region has a number of titles available. In the previous study, the guys from Comparitech They have also revealed the nations that have the best and worst value for money for the different plans.

The regions where it is more expensive to buy Netflix

Now, in the black list we have the following countries in the basic plan:

– Switzerland> $ 13.06– Denmark> $ 10.63– Sweden> $ 10.26– Norway> $ 10.4– Ireland> $ 9.50– Lithuania> $ 9.50– Estonia> $ 9.50– Russia> $ 9.50– Latvia> $ 9.50– Austria> $ 9.50

In addition to the above, we also want to leave the top 10 with the nations that have the most catalog of series and films nowadays. It should be noted that although they are the ones with the most titles, they do not have the best value for money on the market:

– United Kingdom> 6,122 titles– Ireland> 6,112 titles– Canada> 5,998 titles– Czech Republic> 5,824 titles– Hungary> 5,725 titles– Malaysia> 5,679 titles– Australia> 5,655 titles– Thailand> 5,569 titles– Philippines> 5,507 titles– India> 5,497 titles