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Improve your productivity by creating new gestures in Windows

Improve your productivity by creating new gestures in Windows

Improve your productivity by creating new gestures in Windows

This application for Windows allows you to create new gestures for the touchpad of your laptop or the touch screen of the tablet.

MacOS users will know how useful the multi-finger gestures on the touchpad of laptops, integrated into the system itself. MultiSwipe is an application for Windows that allows us to customize dozens of gestures with up to 5 fingers to do all kinds of actions.

The touchpad of laptops allows us, for example, to scroll, but why not take advantage of it for more advanced gestures? Also,MultiSwipe It also supports screen gestures, so we can take advantage of it on Windows computers with a touch screen, such as tablets or convertibles.

Up to 88 fully customizable gestures in Windows

MultiSwipe does exactly what is expected of it, it is able to associate shortcuts and system actions to specific gestures on the touchpad or screen with our fingers, but in addition to the integrated MultiSwipe it is also capable of mapping other action or key combinations to a gesture. It is really complete.

From the most basic such as increasing the brightness or lowering the volume, to gestures to show other desktops, turn off or suspend the computer, resize windows and much more.

Within MultiSwipe there is a difference between gestures for the touchpad and gestures on the touch screen, but in each of the sections you can create gestures with 2, 3, 4 and up to 5 fingers at the same time.

In total they are 88 100% customizable gestures It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10, and popular touchpads such as Synaptics, Elan (Elantech) and Precision are supported.

Without a doubt it is a very interesting tool that speeds up the work with the touchpad, although of course the sensitivity always depends on the quality of it. MultiSwipe can be downloaded from its official website and is free for 15 days, the full license costs 5 dollars, a very contained price for a program with so many possibilities.

MultiSwipe Official Website

If you are not sure if it will work with your computer, you can download the MultiSwipe Test free of charge and check to see if your touchpad is compatible.