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Improve Windows file explorer with these extensions

Improve Windows file explorer with these extensions

Improve Windows file explorer with these extensions

File Explorer is one of the core of our computer experience. You can improve with these extensions.

If you use Windows frequently, you surely use the file explorer every day. It is a very necessary tool, and therefore it is also very important get the most optimal experience possible.

And although it is a program that is already quite polished and perfected per se, it never hurts to add some improvements with these extensions.


Browsing with tabs is something we are all used to, and having it in the file explorer can be very helpful. That is precisely what Clover offers, tabs that work the same as the browser, keyboard shortcuts included. It also brings another element of the browser that greatly simplifies the user experience: bookmarks.


TeraCopy is an extension that does not offer any new functionality, but it does optimize a process that we all carry out with some frequency: that of copying files from one place to another. The extension simply resets some processes thanks to which the copy process becomes noticeably faster.

Folder Colorizer

Being able to change the color of folders is not only an interesting function from the aesthetic point of view, but it also greatly facilitates the navigation process when reaching a certain number of folders. Folder Colorizer brings the possibility of color folders simply by right-clicking on them and selecting colorize.


Folderico goes one step further than Folder Colorizer, allowing not only to change the color of the folders, but also the icon, being able to set retro or even OS X designs. If you end up making a mess, don’t worry, with a single click you can restore the original layout of all folders.

Link Shell Extension


Normally, if we want to have a file in two different folders, our only option is to make two copies of the file and save each one in a folder. But if what you want is save the same file (same copy) in multiple folders, Link Shell Extension is your solution. It allows you to create links from a file saved in a folder to place them later in another folder, all in a couple of clicks.

Folder Size

Folder Size is a utility that allows preview the contents of a folder without opening it totally, in a lateral column. A small function that greatly facilitates the navigation process.

These are some of the best extensions to improve the file explorer. Do you know any other? What other possibilities and features do you miss in Windows File Explorer?