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Improve the security of your Amazon account and avoid surprises

Improve the security of your Amazon account and avoid surprises

Improve the security of your Amazon account and avoid surprises

So you can protect your Amazon account to prevent someone from making purchases on your behalf in the event of theft or carelessness.

Amazon has become a reference online store for dozens of passes around the planet. Among them is also Spain and here the online commerce giant also has a huge customer base that makes thousands of purchases every month taking advantage of its extensive catalog.

If you have user account on Amazon Your address, some personal information, your telephone number and, probably, your credit card or the means of payment that you use regularly, will probably be stored. Seems information important enough to have her well protected.

All about Amazon

How to protect your Amazon account

Having all this data already stored in our Amazon account gives us great utility because we already have it ready when ordering and we don’t have to worry about entering it over and over again (which can be a pain in the ass if you buy regularly) But it is also sensitive information which can be used if someone has access to our account.

This is not so crazy, obviously it is more complicated for someone to enter your home and steal your desktop computer, but it is more common to lose (or have our devices stolen) such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop, where we can have the Amazon application installed or session started in the browser.

If we enter the My Account area At Amazon we can manage all the sections related to our user. We will focus on the security aspect so we enter Access and security settings:

There we have the first step to improve the security of the Amazon account: create a strong password (really secure, please) and check our phone number. What is this for? Rest assured, no Amazon commercial will call you, but verifying the mobile can get us out of a hurry if we have problems with the password, being able to log in or reset it if necessary.

To go one step further in security: activate the verification in two steps.

Advanced security settings on Amazon


Like many other Internet services, Amazon also has two-step verification to login. This option is found within the Advanced Security Settings.

The operation is the same as always: the two-step authentication It allows us to add an extra layer of security to our account in the form of a unique and temporary code that is sent to our phone number in an SMS every time we log in.

Amazon-Two-Step Verification

That is, we enter our username and password as usual, send us a code by SMS, we introduce it and ready, we are already inside. Of course, you can select that on some devices the code is never requested (for example on the home computer, thus saving time).

If we protect our social networks, why not do the same with Amazon?