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data Factory

At the end of last August, we introduced you to the platform, which enables us to create a data table or an API through the different elements of the web pages that interest us, without the need for coding . A few weeks later, we also echoed its launch as a public beta, implying a new redesign of the service and the incorporation of new features. Taking advantage of the TechCrunch Disrupt Europe framework in Berlin, announces the launch of the new Data Factory service with the aim of simplifying the conversion of websites into APIs for data extraction, reducing the number of clicks to be made.

From their official blog they explain that their new service works with an extension for Chrome, which once installed, allows us to access the data sources and APIs of its own library. Browsing the web, as we usually do, we will find one of the two scenarios:

– If we are facing a page from which data has already been extracted, we will see a small number next to the icon, which will allow us to obtain a set of data from the page. Also from the dataset we can choose the possibility of adding more data, selecting the sources from which to extract the information we want within a complete list.

– In the event that we are facing a page that interests us but on which no data has yet been extracted, we can request Data Factory to extract the information we need, indicating the data we want to obtain, receiving them within 24 hours following.

Anyway, has a complete tutorial that will allow us to better understand the operation of this new service, which is already offered together with its usual service for free. In this sense, they are considering offering additional payment services over APIs, or even setting limits on free accounts. They currently have 8,000 active users, who have created around 15,000 APIs.