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Impala, classifying photographs by Artificial Intelligence


A new application called Impala arrives at the AppStore, with which we are offered a new system for organizing photos in folders: the automatic one, allowing the same application to recognize the categories using artificial intelligence.

The application will scan the photos stored in our gallery and create folders such as food, outdoors, parties, sunsets or friends. Yes, the application slightly reminds us of Everpix, the solution for grouping photos into different sections that closed its service a few days ago, but in this case the images will not be stored in the cloud: all the photos will be scanned entirely on the same device.

Impala make us classifications recognizing scenes of beaches, mountains and even distinguish between friends, although obviously from time to time do not perform scans with absolute precision and it is possible that you confuse some elements with others.

We read on TechCrunch that the company behind Impala, Euvision Technologies, continues to work on similar solutions focused on new technologies (Impala itself cost them 10 hard years of work), and despite not receiving funding from third parties, it has its own firm marketed used, among others, by the Dutch police department to perform recognition of images of child abuse.

You can download Impala, whenever you are attracted to this new form of organization, in this link to iTunes, available for iOS 7 or higher (we will only find it optimized for iPhone but it will work with all devices).