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iMessage already has apps, and these are the best

iMessage already has apps, and these are the best

iMessage already has apps, and these are the best

One of the great novelties of iOS 10 has been the renewal of the Apple messaging application with different improvements, among which we find the creation of a new app store for iMessage. And this store already has applications for all tastes: public transport, translators, notes, we can even distribute accounts or make invoices without leaving the messages application.

As we already have a lot of applications for iMessage available, although iOS 10 has only a few days to live among us, it is time to find which are the best, the applications that can be more practical when we integrate them in a chat with our contacts.

Pennies Mini (0.99)

Pennies Mini is the first native application for iMessages of our selection, and its operation is simple: it allows us create expense cans, in order to plan them and be able to share them with our contacts. Ideal for making plans with people and that the issue of money is always clear, unless you mark a sinpa _ () _ /.

  • Pennies Mini on the App Store

Citymapper (free)

Citymapper is not unknown in these parts, it is one of the best applications to guide you through the public transport of a city, and they have adapted to this update with an extension of the usual Citymapper for iMessage. With it we can tell a contact where we are, and clicking on the map will give you directions to get to us.

  • Citymapper on the App Store

Do With Me (free)

We continue with the native applications from the hand of Do With Me, a complement that allows us send task lists to our contacts and manage them together. From the grocery list to a list of plans to make on our vacation, the possibilities are open and it seems to get along with Pennies Mini for many.

  • Do With Me on the App Store

Polls With Friends (0.99)

Opinion on where to go is divided? Can’t agree on which movie is better to go see? Omelette with onion or omelette without onion? Pizza with or without pia? We are not going to solve any of these dilemmas for you, but I do know that we are passing this application that serves to do surveys among groups of friends.

  • Polls With Friends on the App Store

Evernote (free)

Evernote is another of the great and recognized applications that have been updated from the first day to be compatible with iMessage, and the extension in this case allows us share notes without leaving the messages app. It’s not a great reason to switch to Evernote, but it’s certainly welcome for current users.

Cobi Busters (free)

Bored while you wait for your friend to answer your message? Do you want to play something while you talk? Cobi Busters is a simple strategy game that fulfills its mission of entertaining us, and that we can play within iMessages with our friends.

  • Cobi Busters on the App Store

Scanbot (free)

Today’s latest application will be very welcome among students and office workers, because it is a document scanner, QR codes and barcodes that has been integrated with iMessages, in such a way that we can explore our documents without leaving at any time of our chat.