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IFTTT brings us a list of recipes for these Christmas holidays


The Christmas holidays have arrived, and to verify it, we only have to look out on the main streets of our cities to see them illuminated with Christmas motifs and with people doing their shopping. But Christmas is not only present in our streets, since it has also made an appearance on the Internet, being a clear example the current Google doodle and also its link from its main page that allows us to track the journey of Papanoel through from Google Maps. Users of the Yandex email service have also found the Yandex Mail logo adorned with small lights that we can light.

One more example of the presence of Christmas on the Internet, among other existing ones, is brought to us by IFTTT with its list of recipes that we can use during these holidays, and these are the following:

– Let my friends know when I’m back in town: This recipe allows us to automatically post to Facebook when we have returned to our own cities, allowing us to stay in touch with our old friends.

– Track those last-minute Holiday packages via SMS: This recipe allows us to keep track of the packages that should arrive to us this holiday, receiving SMS for every change of state that occurs.

– Turn on your Holiday Lights when the sun goes down: This recipe enters the realm of the Internet of Things, and allows us to automatically turn on the Christmas lights as night falls. For this, we need to have Belkin’s WeMo Switch, which we can acquire in Spain through different channels.

– Put tomorrow’s snow forecasts on your calendar: This recipe allows us to include snow forecasts as a calendar event.

– Tweet Happy New Year !: This recipe is very practical, since it allows us to program the congratulation of the new year through a Tweet, in case we forget or the communication networks are saturated when entering a new year .

– When you’re over a certain weight log it in UP for motivation: This recipe allows us to control the extra kilos that we acquire during these holidays by registering it on the tracking bracelet of our UP habits.

This is the relationship that IFTTT offers us for these Christmas holidays, but of course we can create our own recipes or use other specific ones for these holidays as for any other time of the year.