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IFTTT adds location channel on iOS

IFTTT adds location channel on iOS

In this same week we echoed the launch of LIFTTT, a third-party mobile application that includes mobile location as a channel to use in our recipes at IFTTT. Few days have gone by, and today we have a new announcement from the IFTTT itself through its official blog, announcing the launch of a new version of its mobile application for iOS which already incorporates the location of the system itself as a channel to use within of the recipes that we can create, which will allow us, among other functions, to send direct messages to acquaintances when we are already close to our homes or to activate the Philips Hue lights, as the IFTTT CEO himself does, or to receive a map of the suburban city in which we are.

We can use the location channel directly or we also have the option to use it through the Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram channels, although new channels will be included later. This allows us a multitude of options, such as automatically capturing all the images of a specific area via Instagram, among others.

Regardless of the location, the application also allows us to mark as favorite those recipes that we like, although TechCrunch also adds, in relation to a conversation held with the CEO of IFTTT, Linden Tibbets, that other users will be able to see the list of our favorites , configure our profiles from the application itself, as well as share our own recipes. According to that conversation, its CEO indicates that the updates are designed to foster a sense of community within IFTTT, encouraging users to create and share their own recipes. The new search function that allows the search of channels by name is another novelty in this version.

We will soon see a version for Android, which is already being worked on. It is also planned that a platform will be launched in the future so that applications and services can build their own channels instead of being directly performed by IFTTT.