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IFTTT adds a dedicated channel to Google Glass


At this point, there is almost countless everything that can be done with IFTTT recipes. We were talking recently about introducing actions in photos on iOS, activating integrations from the data on Twitter, we could also share recipes within a web page … perhaps you also remember this list we made to find out interesting things we can do with IFTTT to iOS.

Now it is the turn of the possibility of integrating all these mechanisms in the already well-known glasses with augmented reality of Google. This new IFTTT channel will allow us to connect our Google Glass to a world full of new functions based on the famous IFTTT programmable recipes. For now we find 61 channels dedicated to Google Glass, to play with different functionalities of programs and apps such as Facebook, Delicious, Evernote, Feedly, Gmail, Flickr, Foursquare, Hootsuite, Instagram and dozens more.

For example, with some recipes that we see available on the main Google Glass channel, we can perform actions such as scheduling pending tasks that are displayed in Google Glass, check the results of football on the device, notify us when we are mentioned on Reddit, be able to search items on Etsy or set reminders to exercise.

To see all the apps and programs with which you can create recipes, simply go to this list.