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If you have slow internet since you updated Windows 10, check this

If you have slow internet since you updated Windows 10, check this

If you have slow internet since you updated Windows 10, check this

Some users are complaining about the slow Internet with Windows 10 since the Anniversary Update came out, although the curious thing is that the culprit is a piece of software with a few years on it.

Whenever an update to a program comes out, there is inevitably a certain danger that something has gone wrong and is harmful, even blocking the app or deleting our files.

This risk is proportional to the size of the update, since the more things developers have had to touch, the more likely they are to have broken something; I am not criticizing anyone, it is something that usually happens and our daily bread.

With the Anniversary Update presented this month, it seems that has happened: it is such a big update that includes so many new features, that it is inevitable that it will introduce a couple of bugs, even in software that has already been in Windows for a while. For example, yesterday we told you how the clip recording functionality of the Xbox app is causing drops in the frame rate per second of many games.

How Windows tries to improve the performance of our network

But that is just one of the problems that users are encountering; We also see reports on the network of people who you are noticing a slow internet with Windows 10 since they installed the update; It looks like a serious bug introduced by some new program, but it actually seems to affect the automatic window adjustment functionality of Windows.

Automatic window adjustment take with us from Windows Vista, and was initially presented as a solution to improve the network performance of programs that receive data using the TCP protocol.

This functionality constantly monitors network conditions, such as the amount of available bandwidth and the delay in delivering packets on the network and that of the application itself; In this way, the system can decide to change how packets are sent and received over the network, adapting to the situation.

It has been shown that automatic window adjustment is capable of improving our experience when we are connected to the network, but Microsoft itself indicates that it is possible that this functionality is counterproductive in certain cases and worsens performance.

How to fix slow internet problem with Windows 10

Well, everything indicates that the automatic window adjustment has undergone changes with the Anniversary Update that have changed its behavior, and that can cause us to notice a slower network. So a possible solution, if you can’t wait for the patch that Microsoft will probably release, is to disable this functionality.

To do this, we will first check if we have it activated. Open the start menu and look for cmd, right-click on the Command Prompt entry and click on Run as administrator. We accept the warning message.

In the terminal that opens we have to type the following (without quotes) and press Enter: netsh interface tcp show global.

We will see a series of information related to our TCP connection; The part that interests us is the Automatic reception window adjustment level. If the value is normal, it means that it is activated.

To disable the functionality, just type the following and press Enter: netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel = disabled. Once you have rebooted, Check if you have an Internet connection and if you continue to experience the same drops in performance as before.

If the thing has gotten worse and you want to reactivate the functionality, it is very easy, you just have to reopen the Command Prompt as administrator, type this in the same terminal and press Enter: netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel = normal.

Have you noticed differences in internet speed with this trick?