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If OpenOffice dies, here are alternative office suites

If OpenOffice dies, here are alternative office suites

If OpenOffice dies, here are alternative office suites

Yes OpenOffice diesWhat alternatives do we have?

When we talk about an office suite we refer to that set of programs or applications that allow us to create and edit all kinds of documents, from a simple text to a spreadsheet or a presentation.

Similarly, when talking about office suite we also hopelessly think about Office, the set of Microsoft programs formed by old acquaintances such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint, among others. However, there is life beyond Microsoft Office and one of the alternatives was OpenOffice, although not for long.

There are OpenOffice Vidatras

One of the news from last weekend was the probable death of OpenOffice:

If you are one of the users who had trusted this free office suitehere are some alternatives to which you can go before it is abandoned and will not cost you a penny:

LibreOffice, the natural change

If we talk about free suites, we should talk about LibreOffice. This alternative was born by a group of developers who were already working on OpenOffice and saw that Oracle had no interest in continuing its development.

A few months ago LibreOffice version 5 arrived and it has not stopped improving. It is undoubtedly the best free option at no cost. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. All the details and download links on their website.

Google Docs of course

In the world of office suites there is a clear trend towards the cloudToday we have an Internet connection anywhere (or almost) and we usually consult our files from a wide variety of devices, without needing our PC in most cases.

For this reason, online office suites have gained weight and among them we highlight Google Docs, the Google option that we can simply access with our Google account, as it happens with the rest of its services (Gmail, Calendar, Maps)

Google Docs

And beware, it is not the only online, in this segment we have many more free alternatives for those who want disassociate from Google, here you have them:

And you use OpenOffice? What service will you switch to when it closes? Do you know other alternatives?