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Identify the places that appear in YouTube videos with this extension

Identify the places that appear in YouTube videos with this extension

Identify the places that appear in YouTube videos with this extension

This simple extension allows youidentify places in videos from YouTube.

Let those who consume more minutes of Youtube The trend continues to grow and the Google platform continues to accumulate thousands of videos a day. You decide what to see and when you see it.

In my case, I do not miss the daily appointment with Casey Neistat, but surely you do not have your favorite channels or you simply search YouTube for new content to see world. On many occasions we see in these videos places that we do not know what they are and Flico can help you identify them.

That is precisely what this free Chrome extension does. Flico It’s there, waiting in a corner for you to press the button. When you’re watching a video and a landscape or location that you’d like to know more about appears, just tap the Flico circle.

Recognize and explore the places that appear in the videos

A side frame will appear that will automatically analyze the image and identify the place. In addition, a brief description will appear and you can browse the surroundings and search for nearby places. All this while still watching the video and without leaving YouTube.

At the same time, the company after Flico (Flicksys), is working to further enrich the extension, allowing recognize and define words and even details about flights and hotels near the identified place.

We are currently living a clearing video boom on all kinds of platforms. Not only on YouTube, which currently remains the reference, but all social networks and many mobile applications are betting on video content.

Flico is free but it has a drawback: it only works with YouTube and also only from the computer, installing the Chrome extension, so it is quite limited, especially considering that a huge part of this content is viewed from mobile devices.

In any case, an interesting idea that we may see as an application in the future:

Download Flico from Chrome Web Store