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Identify and discover works of art with your mobile and Smartify

Identify and discover works of art with your mobile and Smartify

Identify and discover works of art with your mobile and Smartify

Point at a painting with the smartphone camera and receive in an instant all the information about the work and the artist. That’s right Smartify.

When we visit a museum we can obtain information about works by hand In addition, there are more and more museums that choose to take advantage of the technology that we have in our pockets. Thus, in some cases we find QR codes next to the works, which we can scan and see more information on the mobile.

Smartify follows the same idea, but taken to any environment and without using QR codes: just focus on the frame with the mobile camera so that it automatically appears all its history and details on our smartphone. In fact, Smartify is thought of as a Shazam (the famous song-recognizing app) for art.

Identify pictures with your mobile and discover their details with Smartify

The application takes advantage of the benefits of image recognition, which is increasingly accurate, and augmented reality to identify works of art by looking at them through the camera phone.

When doing so, the information of the painting appears on the screen, as well as the author’s history. All that information is stored on our device, so that it helps us create a kind of custom art collection.

A positive point is that we do not need to be in the museum itself and in front of the original work to scan it, but rather that Smartify also recognizes frames from photographs or representations on other objects. Therefore, it can also be very useful for those curious who have seen a work somewhere and do not know exactly what it is or who is its author.


Smartify for iOS and Android

Smartify is a recent project and is completely free, The less positive part is that, being so new, its painting database is not tremendously large, but its creators are working together with museums and art galleries to add more and more (without infringing copyright, of course). You can download it for Android and iOS, and find more details of its operation on the official website of Smartify.